CHANEL releases its new ad film for BLEU DE CHANEL


CHANEL releases its new ad film for BLEU DE CHANEL. Five years afterMartin Scorsese, James Gray has taken the helm to portray the life of the same hero, constantly shifting between fantasy and reality, played by actor Gaspard Ulliel.
Renowned filmmaker James Gray (Little Odessa, Two Lovers, The Immigrant) was chosen for his creativity and his highly personal world. The photogenic power of Gaspard Ulliel radiates from the screen: the internationally acclaimed actor brings a seductive and elegant quality to both the film and the image of the fragrance.

In 2010, BLEU DE CHANEL told the story of a man who had decided to free himself of all constraints. Five years later, it’s the same hero: a famous actor, hounded by his fans, torn between celebrity and a desire for peace and calm. «I wanted to raise the issue of this craziness inherent to the film world» explains James Gray, «within which we lead both a comfortable and an uncomfortable life. In a sense,
that is almost a kind of vertigo that comes with the ridiculous and the overflow of attention.» In 2015, BLEU DE CHANEL tells the story of a man who decides to flee from the pressure and everything that seems contrived, to finally find himself alone, and at peace. Unrelenting, he is guided by an inner voice that tells him: «you are forever becoming who you are».

The film was shot at night in Los Angeles. It is set to music with Bob Dylan’s famous song «All along the Watchtower», interpreted by Jimi Hendrix.

BLEU DE CHANEL is a timeless aromatic-woody fragrance with an amber quality that is dense and sensual. Its captivating trail conveys strength and elegance, exuding a sensuality like no other directly against the skin


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