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The new Gucci Oud is a unisex fragrance. The intense richness of the fragrance is created with a natural and unique source of Oud, which has been specially selected, cultivated and purified for Gucci.

I met the fragrance expert, Lewis Peacock and had a chat with him about this remarkable Oud perfume.

What made you (GUCCI) create Oud perfume?

Frida Giannini, Gucci’s Creative Director, has long taken inspiration from her extensive travels. Passionate about journeying to different lands and experiencing the allure of exotic cultures, she has recently dreamt of a new type of fragrance: one that is glamorous, opulent and mysterious, like a voyage of discovery into the unknown. We wanted to create a fragrance that takes its inspiration from the revered and celebrated ingredients from the Middle East, the result is Gucci Oud.

Did you use any special or exclusive note in the fragrance? Can you list the notes please?

The signature of the fragrance is created with a natural and unique source of Oud, which has been specially selected, cultivated and purified for Gucci.

This special quality Oud comes from central Laos and is grown in a managed and sustainable way, ensuring appropriate respect for a precious resource. After the distillation of the Oud wood, an additional special processing is undertaken to yield a very high purity extract that is certified as 100% natural. As is suitable for such a singular ingredient, the highest standards of quality are maintained in the production of the extract and the resultant fragrance.

Rose, Saffron and Ambery notes along with Patchouli are also another key ingredients. Patchouli is a true scented icon of Gucci fragrances; a material that brings exoticism, mystery and rich complexity to the resultant perfume.

GUCCI OUD: MYSTERIOUS SENSUALITY tumblr inline nb6rl9enK61rubh6k

Who should wear Gucci Oud?

Gucci Oud is a perfume for fragrance connoisseurs; it provides a scented experience combining the spirit of Gucci with noble ingredients from around the world. Gucci Oud re-interprets ancient ingredients in a modern and iconic way and it is infused with the spirit of true luxury.

What differentiate Gucci Oud from other Oud fragrances, Tom Ford, Versace, etc?  

Gucci Oud is a fragrance that has been created as the scented image of the fashion house and its icons. The special and exclusive quality of the natural Oud present in the fragrance along with the definite character of iconic perfumery materials, such as Patchouli, Saffron and natural Rose. This is a complex blend and is true to the inspirations of our creative director – Frida Giannini and the heritage of Gucci.

What makes a perfume unisex or even female or male?

Not all fragrance experiences are defined by gender, but rather by mood. In perfumery there is no palette of masculine and feminine notes as such, but certain combinations and constructions can lead you to be more gender specific, but there are few rules to define this and it is down what the wearer wants to experience, to decide if it is for them and the occasion in which they want to wear it. Gucci Oud and its signature captures a spirit of mystery, exoticism, that is open to all who wish to experience it.

What do you think of the Middle East market? Dubai specially.

The Middle Eastern fragrance market and specially Dubai is an amazing and inspiring place. It is a place where every kind of perfume from everywhere in the world is appreciated and easily available. The region as a whole has a great history in perfumery dating back centauries and fragrance is such a part of the fabric of life in Dubai and the region, along with the level of desire and expertise from all perfume wearers is constantly inspiring.

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