INSPIRING PEOPLE: Pietro Rizzi – Head of Product Department – Boggi Milano

Pietro Rizzi - Head of Product Department - Boggi Milano  INSPIRING PEOPLE: Pietro Rizzi - Head of Product Department - Boggi Milano Pietro Rizzi
Pietro Rizzi – Head of Product Department – Boggi Milano

Leading Italian menswear and lifestyle brand, Boggi Milano, recently welcomed Mr. Pietro Rizzi, Head of Boggi Milano’s Product Department and creative designer of the brand, at their boutique in The Dubai Mall and I had the chance to meet him in person.

After finishing his studies as a textile outsourcer, Pietro Rizzi started his career in fashion retail. He first ventured into the world luxury male fashion when he joined Ermenegildo Zegna, thus spending 18 years with the renowned fashion house. At Zegna, Pietro started at the retail department and then switched to become more specialized in the product department. Based in Italy, where fashion originates from, this fashion house was undoubtedly a very good of a school for Pietro, where he was exposed to all aspects involved in product development in the male fashion world.
In 2006, Pietro developed and showcased an interest in Boggi Milano’s fashion line, and did his thorough research about it. As Boggi Milano was going through a wide expansion plan, Pietro joined the fashion house, accepting a new challenge in his career.
At Boggi Milano, Pietro aspired to further develop the products, style, and quality which characterized the brand. Bringing in years of experience in product development and coming from a reputable background, Pietro was able to show everyone the improvement. Pietro today is the head of the Product Department, BOGGI’s formal line, which represents the core business of the brand. His tasks include, but are not limited to, fabric outsourcing, modeling, style ordering, and management.
During these 9 years at BOGGI Milano, Pietro contributed highly in preserving and enhancing the high standards of the of the fashion house. His commitment to further elevating the brand image contributed to strengthen the position of BOGG Milano’s quality, taste and image around the world.

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