Interview with the King of Rai, Khaled


Interview with the King of Rai, Khaled tumblr inline mtyhifEyBC1rubh6k

The King of Rai, Algerian singing sensation, Khaled, visited Dubai last June and performed at Cavalli Club his classic hit singles, ‘Didi’ and ‘Aisha’ in addition to his latest peace -spreading track ‘C’est la Vie’ to a jam-packed venue.

I had the chance to meet Khaled before his show and had an interesting chat about his life, his music and most importantly his favorite fashion brand.

Q. How can you describe your life in a word?

“Only happiness”

..I can’t be happier, I love my family, my daughters and my wife and my newly born son that I named Al Daii.

I was born in Oran, from a modest background, and my passion for music started at an early age. It wasn’t easy at that stage, especially when music was not a career, but only a hobby but I proved them wrong. I don’t want to talk about anything negative. Only happiness ” Said Khaled with a big smile.

Q. How do you see the future of Rai?

The history of Rai is the same as Rock n Roll, when Elvis mixed the Jazz and the blues and came up with the Rock n Roll, I did the same, with the folklore without notes and I included some instruments like the electric guitar and even drums. I wasted no time in modernizing the traditional Rai but keeping the lyrics controversial.  The problem that we used to face was the accent and even the multiple languages of the different regions in Algeria and even Morrocco and Tunisia but I started to use more common words and nowadays almost everyone understand the words we use in Rai.

Q. If you want to choose an Arabic singer male and female to make a duo with, who would you chose?

I would choose Nancy ajram, her voice is Angelique. Or Elissa. They both have amazing voices and personalities as well.

Q. And male singer?

I always wanted to sing Khaleeji, I think I will choose Hussein Al jasmi.

Q. What is your favorite fashion brand?

I wear Philipp Plein all the time, I’m wearing it now and I will wear it tonight as well, from head to toes; he’s a close friend as well.

Q. How was your experience in Arab idol?

Amazing as usual, I was really loved and honored, the judges were very sincere and welcoming and I was really overwhelmed.

Last words for your fans…

Interview with the King of Rai, Khaled tumblr inline mtyhnlaBbp1rubh6k

“It’s always beautiful to connect with my fans wherever they are in the world. Through my music, and especially my latest creations, I truly hope to promote joy, and peace around the world. I sincerely thank all of my loyal followers for their support and encouragement. I will be back Dubai”, said Khaled.


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