Issey Miyake, a new spicy woods fragrance for men.


Issey Miyake, a new spicy woods fragrance for men. Issey Miyake, a new spicy woods fragrance for men. tumblr inline nc93bjCHBh1rubh6k

 An initiatory journey under the protective and kindly shadow of the moon, which serves as a guide for the man who walks alone, absorbing the force of the nocturnal elements to gather up new energy.

Nuit d’Issey was developed by perfumers Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong. The notes include bergamot, grapefruit, leather accord, spices, black pepper, woods, vetiver, patchouli, incense and tonka bean.

I met Loc Dong, the perfumer and co-creator of the new incredible Issey Miyake fragrance in Paris to talk more about this amazing collaboration.

Interview with the new Issey Miyake creator.

“My name is Loc Dong and I’m a perfumer in Paris, I used to live in New York and I’m the co-creator of Issey miyake”

How do you explain the collaboration between the Issey Miyake brand, Dominic Ropion and yourself?

 I think Issey Miyake is a very simple and iconic men with a simple idea and natural so between me and Dominique, we kind of play ping pong with each other, I push, he refine and vice versa but the key was to keep the DNA of the brand which is natural, simplicity power and strength.

How do you see the perfume industry nowadays?

The industry is like the world, changing very fast, 10 years ago it takes you 5min to turn on the computer, now u need 3 sec to turn on your iPad. But the most important is to keep the DNA of the brand.

Can you tell us which ingredients you used?

This is a fragrance that can be summarized in 3 words, leathery, woody and fresh.

It’s about black and light, how do we make black? Black is made of wood and leather and light is made out of citrus complex plus the infusion of pepper notes, I think pepper brings modernity to the leather so it creates tension and contrast to the perfume.

What’s so unique about the perfume?

In perfumery, like everything else, cars have 4 wheels, in perfume, you always have wood and flower, it’s the composition of the ingredients and this perfume is composed very simply but as I said every ingredient is carefully selected to the best quality so the ingredient not only for decoration, its there for a reason.

Who is the main competitor of this perfume?

To me the more competition, the better. If you have a great perfume, you always have competition, let’s face it. In general, I think this perfume is for the sophisticated man, simple and charismatic.

What do you think of Dubai and the Middle East region?

Obviously they have their own way of achieving their dreams. Dubai took them 20 years to be where they are now, and that’s very fast and we are always open to beautiful places in the world to visit.

Last words…

Enjoy, be open, try beautiful things

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