Swarovski Collection Fall/Winter 2012/2013  

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr maroxz123Q1rubh6k

This season, Swarovski reveals an aristocratic and multicultural muse whose spirited style combines heritage with modernity. Continuing the theme of Entertainment, the new Fall/Winter Collection 2012/13 is appropriately entitled “Kingdom of Jewels”.

Enjoy the Collection!! 

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr mago1m2Atx1rubh6k

PIAZZA Grande Automatic

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr magoeh8EDm1rubh6k

PIAZZA Grande Quartz for AED 3,300

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr magoip67sK1rubh6k

PIAZZA Grande Quartz – White for AED3,000

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr magooj1nch1rubh6k

Piazza Grande Black

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr magoqn4ChJ1rubh6k

Piazza Grande Bleu STS for AED 3,500

KINGDOM OF JEWELS tumblr magosna1Ql1rubh6k

Piazza Grande Silver Blue Crystal

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