S.T. Dupont, the French luxury brand, opens in Dubai


S.T. Dupont, the French luxury brand, opens flagship boutique in Dubai Mall to tie in with 140th Anniversary celebrations, offering an elegant range of lighters, pens and leather goods.

 I had the chance to talk to Alain Crevet, President of S.T. Dupont in this great occasion…

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Q: What do think of the middle-eastern style?

 A: “I would say that is a market I don’t know so well, I’m hoping now that we have a store I can come back regularly. I’m based in Paris and our biggest markets are in Asia in Hong Kong, China, Japan Korea and also Eastern Europe. I came only yesterday, I was quiet impressed when I was walking in the mall and people are very edgy and stylish, I thought it’s going to be more traditional.”


Q: Any plans to open in Saudi Arabia?

 A: We want to open more shops is Saudi Arabia but we wanted to start with Dubai because frankly it’s a window to the whole region and everyone comes to Dubai for shopping even Asians and Russians as well. We have a new line of leather goods like briefcases and bags and its not so well known here because we just launched that lines but people think of us as one of the best leather good and when we opened our store beginning of February it was all sold out in 2 weeks and customers were asking about the brand.


Q: Are you planning to do anything customized items for the Arab countries and the Middle East?

 A: “Absolutely, in fact the direction we are taking now leads us back to our routes, when Mr Dupont and his sons used to make everything in their little shop and lots of items were customized and now we hired in the last 3 years a lot of young very skilled craftsman to do the same customized unique pieces. We already finished few projects here in Dubai, one of these jobs was the Mekka watch Tower and we have few other requests. And then you will have of course the customized cufflinks, pens, lighters, etc “


Q: What is your favorite fashion brand?

A: I always liked Dior Homme 

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