The Most Memorable Moment of My Life and My Capeland Chrono


image The Most Memorable Moment of My Life and My Capeland Chrono The Most Memorable Moment of My Life and My Capeland Chrono tumblr inline ngs4hw0dMn1rubh6k

There will be no exaggeration in saying that best moments in our lives turn out to be everlasting assets for us. In this context, I would like to share one of the most memorable moment of my life when I received an early gift on my last birthday. We always wait for the birthdays to come so that we could celebrate the beautiful moments with our loved ones. On one side I was excited for my day. And on other side. I was presented with a striking Capeland (by Baume & Mercier) which was exactly what I had been seeking for a while.

 image The Most Memorable Moment of My Life and My Capeland Chrono The Most Memorable Moment of My Life and My Capeland Chrono tumblr inline ngs6gaNkOn1rubh6k

I had been trying to get a watch by Baume & Mercier from its Capeland series for many reasons. They are Swiss made watches and are worldly renowned for their grace and quality. Extremely stunning designs, attractive to look colors and shine, quality of straps and bracelets, and lifelong durability is what it delivers in all its watches. Most of my friends in my circle used to boast off with their Baume & Mercier watches but I could never be able to have one. That very moment stunned me for a while and I could not even believe that the gift I was holding in my hand is what I always wanted. It is hard for me to narrate my exact feeling on that occasion. And I think that if anybody had gone through such moments, he or she would have never been able to write down the absolute feelings.

No doubt, true friends make your moments unforgettable for you. Especially it happens when someone rings your doorbell, steps in, takes you in the arms, and whispers the birthday wish close to your ear followed by handing over the gift. I am much obliged to my childhood friend who had been seeing me all the time sticking my eyes on the Baume & Mercier watches whenever we passed by its display shelves. And one day just few moments before my birthday she astonished me with such a lovely rather a precious gift for me. It becomes hard to believe on such occasions that I could be so important for someone. I just loved that moment.

Such moments when they happen in life, leave everlasting effects on our minds and come out to be very useful during the time when we have nothing around except for loneliness. I never felt alone and it is all because of my Capeland Chrono that I carry all the time. This is not just a gift that can be given on birthdays only. Instead, a beautiful Capeland can turn out to be a symbol of love and feeling that you have for anyone at any occasion. Whether it is a Christmas or Easter, birthday or a wedding anniversary; watches by Baume & Mercier serve as the best gifts by one of the best watchmakers. Baume & Mercier is not less than an exclusive gift that can be presented to the loved ones on their special moments.

Making merry and celebrating the events are always considered to be a healthy activity by the doctors. It releases the hormones of excitement and blessings in the brains whenever it is recalled in the life later on. Just like me, there would be millions of people all around the world who may recall their special events and love and care shown by their friends or other people in their social circle. The best thing about such moments is that they make the life beautiful once again whenever they are recalled even after decades or more. Such moments take us to that time period again and bring the brightness in the moods.

To gift something special like Baume & Mercier watches to someone on holidays shows the expression of love and gratitude that you have for that person. This act not only brings you closer to the other person, but also leaves some perpetual remarks on his or her mind. Your loved ones always expect a lot of things from you and gifts given to them on such extraordinary moments make their events most beautiful moments of their lives.

A beautiful and outstanding box of Capeland 65 nails the striking scenes into the memories of people. In the later life when you have nothing much to do and all your siblings are busy in their lives, such beautiful memories give you the best company. You can tell the young ones such marvelous stories to show them how exciting your life was in their age. Even a glimpse on the present takes you to the time when it was given and reminds you of the old days spent in the past.

This is the reason why celebrations are always suggested to make. When we participate in the celebrations of our friends and family members and gift them something worthy like Baume & Mercier watches, we just nail these moments. In this way, we not only become special figures for our loved ones, but also become an essential part of their lives. According to my perception, Baume & Mercier watch especially my Capeland Chrono in blue dial is one of the best options that can be given as gifts on exciting events. This is a kind of gift that can be utilized by anybody even it remains with him or her for most of the time in a day. No matters whether I am in office or club, my watch makes me feel as if I am still living that very special moment.

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