The Perfect Tan for Men


The Perfect Tan for Men 

Tips and tricks on how to get the best tanning this summer!

Wear a Daily Sunscreen

UVA rays are constant all year round, even in winters!

Whatever you do, don’t dodge the sun altogether. Sunlight is crucial for the synthesis of Vitamin D.

According to Cancer Research UK, the risk of developing malignant melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer – is often triggered by the use of sun beds, however if you insist…

  • Before heading over for tanning hit the gym to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Shave and exfoliate your entire body beforehand.
  • Rub in cocoa butter or any tanning lotion before getting any rays.
  • Afterwards moisturize and exfoliate
  • Double your vitamin D intake the same day you go to the tanning bed.
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A good tanning routine for men starting off would be three times a week with six minutes per each session.

Avoid taking a shower immediately after you tan, because water will remove Vitamin D before it can soak deeper into the skin.

The only reason tanning salons are somewhat safer than sunbathing is that they provide controlled tanning settings. They are a good way to achieve a base before you head outside to tan naturally.

With the following risks involved in tanning today, there is no way to tan safely,

  • skin cancer
  • premature signs of aging
  • sunburns

But there are ways to minimize the risks when tanning outdoor:

Wear sunscreen

It allows you to get a more gradual tan while protecting from the harmful UV rays.


Apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going outside, and in water.

Do not use baby oil

It excessively radiates your skin.

Do not get burned

It causes your skin to become all blistery and splotchy.

  • Avoid the sun’s peak hours (11 a.m. to 3p.m.)
  • Cover up and avoid wearing dark colors

Think gradual tanning

You will get a great tan only after several days of being exposed to the sun. Don’t overdo it — a human lobster doesn’t look appealing to anyone.

In order to maintain your tan, apply moisturizer twice daily.

Self-tanning Creams

They are the safest way to get a tan.

  • Use a cream that has a visible color.
  • Test it out on a small spot of your body first.
  • Apply on a dry and exfoliated body.
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Spray tanning

It’s a mist that colors the skin and leaves a golden-brown tan that lasts for around five days. For best results, exfoliate beforehand, and apply moisturizer regularly after, to seal in the pigmentation.

Follow these tips, take your time, and you’ll be bronzed and beach-ready all summer long.


The Perfect Tan for Men

The Perfect Tan for Men

The Perfect Tan for Men

The Perfect Tan for Men

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